User Interface Design // 2017 – 2018 // Available on Android and iOS

Online Real-Time Strategy for Mobile

Rogue Assault is a realistic, real-time strategy game that uses a persistent online world. Players earn resources to defend their bases from attacks or take an offensive approach to gain control of the map.

Displaying on-screen controls in an easy-to-use and non-invasive way was critical to keeping the gameplay visible. Collaborating with a team of incredibly talented artists and designers, we built a user interface that was minimalistic when players needed it to be and highly detailed when it is appropriate/necessary.


Conveying game-related information to the players was crucial and on many occasions, we lacked real estate for displaying text. Replacing text with intuitive icons afforded us a smaller footprint for displaying the information. This gave players combat-critical information without interfering with the gameplay.

Menu Animation

In order to provide a sense of feedback and responsiveness via the user interface, we animated menu interactions that reinforce the information hierarchy. The animations were designed to bring personality to the interface while still respecting players’ time by being quick and non-intrusive. The duration of time that animated notifications were displayed was based on character count in the accompanying copy text (which was available in several languages).

The Perfect Squad

I’ll forever consider myself fortunate for having had the opportunity to work on this team. I learned invaluable lessons working alongside some of the most experienced and talented people in the industry. The collaborative efforts by each department and everyone’s passion behind the product facilitated the creation of something that I am truly proud of being a part of.