Hi!  I am Nick Vance.  I am a versatile Artist, Designer and Animator in San Francisco. I have nine years of experience creating 2D Video Game Art Assets, User interfaces and User Experience Designs. Outside of the video game industry, I have twelve years of professional experience as a graphic designer for web and print marketing, and I am a pretty decent bass guitarist



My Expertise

UI Art
Icons, menus, and buttons are my forte.  A good User interface should be easy to understand and using the right colors, shapes, and information hierarchy are what makes that possible.
Mobile UX
User Experience design is important to make any application easy to use and interact with. On mobile devices, sizing and placement of intractable objects are crucial for comfortable use.
Interactive Animation
Animation brings life to any game or application and gives the user a valuable visual feedback that helps with their understanding of the product and reinforces the intended UX design.