About Me

Hi! I am Nick Vance. I am a versatile designer and artist who is passionate about the usability of everyday things, but especially in interactive media. I have eleven years of experience creating user flows, interfaces, and interactive animations in the video game industry. I have worked on quite a few platforms and different engines, and I am always enthusiastic to learn new technologies. Aside from making video games, I like to cook, I love to drive virtual cars, and I am a pretty decent bass guitarist.

My Recent Works

Past Projects

I have been fortunate to work on many fun and innovative projects. Check out some more of my past works, sorted by category below.
User Interface Design   •  Game Assets  •  Art and Illustration  •  Graphic Design

My Expertise

User Interface Design
Icons, menus, and buttons are my forte.  A good user interface should be easy to understand and using the right colors, shapes, and information hierarchy are what make that possible.
Multiple Device UX
I love shaping the way people interact with technology and I focus heavily on making any application easy to use and interact with. On mobile devices especially, sizing and placement of interactive objects are crucial for comfortable use.
Interactive Animation
I obsess over carefully thought-out animations that bring life to a user interface. I utilize motion to guide users while providing valuable visual feedback, and aiding with their understanding of the product.